Order for 4-dichloroaniline ( PCA )
4-chloroaniline / p-chloroaniline / p-chloro aniline / PCA / para chloroaniline / chloroaniline / para-chloroaniline / para chloro anilne / 4- chloro aniline 4-chloroaniline, para chloro aniline

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4-Chloroaniline ( PCA )

Product Name : 4-Chloroaniline ( PCA )
Common Name : Parachloroaniline / p-chloroaniline / p-chloro aniline / PCA / para chloroaniline / chloroaniline / 4-chloroaniline / para chloro anilne / 4- chloro aniline
Molecular Formula : C6H6 NCl
Molecular Weight : 127.5
Structural Formula

Structural Formula for 4-Chloroaniline ( PCA )

Colour : White / Light Pink Flakes / Fused Material
Melting Range :  690 C 700 C
Purity :  99.5% min. (GC)
PACKING : 50 Kgs. HDPE Bag in Flakes Form.
Molten in ISO Tank
150 Kgs. in UN Approved M.S. Drums.
As per Customer's Requirement
CAS NO. : 106-47-8
ITC NO. : 29 214201
UN NO. : 2018-2019
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About Yashrasayan
Manufacturers of 4-chloroaniline (PCA) 1500 TPA, 4-chloroaniline Hydrochloride 600 TPA

Yashashvi Rasayan, a Patel group company, was established in 1990, with the initial production of Beta Naphthol. The company diversified into Paranitroaniline (PNA), 4-chloroaniline (PCA), 4-chloroaniline Hydrochloride and 2,5 Dichloroaniline and established manufacturing capacities of 1200 TPA of PNA and 1500 TPA of 4-chloroaniline in 1994, company also produces 4-chloroaniline Hydrochloride 600 TPA and Dichloroaniline 600 TPA. 4-chloroaniline can affect you when breathed in and by passing through your skin. 4-chloroaniline should be handled as CARCINOGEN with extreme caution. 4-chloroaniline may damage the developing fetus.

4- Chloroaniline is used as an intermediate in the production of several urea herbicides and insecticides (e.g., monuron, diflubenzuron, monolinuron), azo dyes and pigments, and pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. In 1988, about 65% of the global annual production was processed to pesticides (e.g. 4-chloroaniline). The 4-chloroaniline based azo dyes and pigments are especially used for the dyeing and printing of textiles. Triclocarban is a bactericide in deodorant soaps, sticks, sprays, and roll-ons, and chlorohexidine is used in mouthwashes and spray antiseptics. 4-Chlorophenol is also listed as an antimicrobial agent for cosmetic products in the European Inventory of Cosmetic Ingredients. However, no information is available on the products in which 4-chloroaniline is used. All of these products may contain residual 4-chloroaniline, or 4-chloroaniline may emerge during their degradation.


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